Sunday, August 21, 2016


You may remember 'Disappeared" as pleasant little piano ballad from 2014....    No more! Somewhere between then and now it morphed into the crunchy rock anthem newly recorded here.  This thing rocks:

The arrangement of the song has actually changed repeatedly over the past two years, but the recorded version reflects how we (Ascent) play it live.   As I shared down below, this song was primarily written by my subconscious on a long bike ride.   Read that post for the details!  Since I didn't write the song on any instrument, it makes sense that it could be arranged in a million different ways.   

For the new version of the song, I played acoustic drums, bass, and a few layers of electric guitar.  Some of the guitar texture ideas probably draw inspiration from Jimmy Page, but they also reflect me trying to get some of the chord voicings from the piano version in there. 

Christina's vocals reflect two years of singing this song, and all the stylization, personalization and passion she adds to my melodies.  They accrue and compound over time!   You can really hear that by comparing both versions. 

And if you wondered how it used to sound, here you go:


They say these shabby birds were mighty dinosaurs...